Monday, April 27, 2009

Courtney & Aaron: Married

So it seems like just the other day I was heading out to Santa Monica to meet up with two total strangers. Last fall I went to Santa Monica, CA to spend some time with Courtney & Aaron. I would be out there to shoot an engagement session for them, but more importantly, get to know them. It's so important to really know your bride and groom and if this means traveling across the US to do that, I'm all up for it!

In the months following the engagement session, I feel like we have really gotten to know one another and I was so pumped when it was finally time to shoot the wedding. So I packed my bags and headed off to sunny California. The wedding was beautiful and took place at First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica.

I started off hanging out with the girls while they got hair and make up before heading over to the W hotel to catch up with the guys. Afterwards we headed on up to the church for the wedding and reception.

Thanks so much you two for an awesome time! It was such an honor documenting your day!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Courtney & Aaron Quick Look :)

Alright, I couldn't go without posting a couple teaser pics!  Can't wait to put up the full blog post in the next day or so.  I had such a great time out in Santa Monica, CA to shoot the wedding!  

Check back for the full post later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Holly & Jim: Married

I had the great pleasure of shooting a great wedding with another local photographer. Last weekend I 2nd shot with Erin Fults at a gorgeous wedding outside of Jackson, MS. With rain in the forecast for most of the day all we could do was hope and pray for the best. It turned out to be somewhat overcast, but a great day none the less!

Thanks again Holly, Jim, & Erin. Be sure and go check out Erin's Website & Blog as well!



And last but not least, an action shot of Erin working hard at those bridals!

Busy Week!!

So this week is going to be crazy busy! First, I'm headed off to meet the guys behind A Bryan Photo in Birmingham, AL. They are an awesome studio and I can't wait to meet up and hang out with these guys. I'm also pumped about meeting the great sponsors as well. I'm sure that in the coming weeks I'll have much more to say about this, so stay tuned!

Next up I leave from B'ham and head up to Missouri to meet up with my parents and drop off my bulldogs. Then down to good ole Memphis, TN to hop on a plane and head out to Santa Monica, CA for Courtney & Aaron's wedding! I'm super pumped about it and can't wait to see them. Be sure and check back on the blog next week for some pics from the wedding.

Ashley & Nick: Engaged

So after having to reschedule due to nasty weather and squeezing in between work times Ashley, Nick, & I managed to get a great engagement session around the Mississippi State campus. Ashley & Nick are both students here at State and this being the place they met holds quite a bit of significance to their relationship.

We hit up all their fav spots and had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other! Thanks guys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Emma Kate & Bryan: Engaged

Talk about picture perfect weather!  This past Saturday I met up with Emma Kate & Bryan to shoot their engagement session.  They are getting married this summer in Quitman, MS and I can't wait to shoot the wedding!  We started off roaming around Mississippi State University before heading off to Downtown Columbus, MS.  Columbus has an awesome downtown area and I'd really been wanting to shoot there, so what better time :)

Thanks so much you two for an awesome day, it was a blast!