Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Before & After and an Update :)

So if you're a recent client, or a 2009 or '10 bride you met me and would have noticed I had incredibly long hair.  Well I was actually in the process of growing it out to donate to Locks of Love.  Well after a long 18 months it was FINALLY long enough!  I was able to get it all (well most of it) cut off and feel like myself again!  With summer approaching and a few outdoor weddings in Mississippi I knew the long hair would be HOT, so I was really happy to loose it.  With that said, I'll put up a before and after shot.

On with the update...  In other exciting news, my wife Erin and I have purchased our first home!  We have been slowly moving all our things over and have finally got it to a point where we are living there.  The only problem with this is that we don't, and won't, have any internet access until next monday. Sooo, if I've been a little slow getting back with you that is why.  (Please give me a call if you need something!)

Thanks to some help from Richard Photo Lab and A Bryan Photo, I'm now in love with shooting film!  It's really an awesome thing to shoot film and be able to be so connected with your subject without constantly feeling the need to look at the back of the camera (Not to worry I will still be shooting pretty much all digital, just adding in some film).  So be on the lookout for more film here and there :)

Well it's been an incredibly busy past few weeks, several weddings, a couple lifestyle shoots, and moving!  Thank you for continuing to check out my blog!!



eliesa said...


Courtney said...

That's awesome!!! Enjoy the cool air on your neck:)

Matt Dorroh said...

It's just alittle different than the last time y'all saw me :)

Erin Fults Photography+Design said...

Congrats on the house! With your hair cut you now remind me of a friend of mine. weird. Hope you are doing great! All your recent posts are super fab as usual! :-)

Jodie Lynn Studio said...

craaazy! bc i met you with long hair so looking at the short hair it doesn't seem like the same guy haha. But looks great and i bet you're alot happier now!

oh, and I think it's completely awesome you did all that for locks of love. major props to you! :)