Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alternative Bottles

So the other day I made a comment on getting another Nalgene bottle, a bottle that was BPA free. I did forget to mention that my wife and I also own several SIGG bottles. These are aluminum bottles with a protective coating on the inside to prevent any kind of leakage from the aluminum. The cool thing about these bottles is there are literally hundreds of designs and sizes to choose from. We actually own four, two small bottles and then another two of the larger bottles. These really are great and keep the water nice and cold. I would say that the only problem that I have with these bottles is that, because they are aluminum they do dent very easily. I don't have a problem with this, however my wife manages to dent the bottles within minutes of having a new one :)

The other great thing about the reusable bottles is that besides rocking a cool bottle you are also reducing your unnecessary waste. The amount of plastic water bottles filling up landfills is crazy and this very easy step could eliminate a lot of plastic waste. So, not to preach but just a thought. Have a great one!

Check out the Filter for Good page. This is where I picked up the Nalgene bottle I posted about yesterday.

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