Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Story behind "Over the Break" Gallery

If you have by some chance stumbled across the gallery "Over the Break" you might find yourself somewhat confused. It seems to be two very different groups of pictures however they go together quite well. The gallery is actually all the pics from the beginning of the wedding, the honeymoon, and stressful but exciting trip to New Orleans.

I was to get married on December 29th in Gulf Shores and then head off to the Dominican Republic early the following morning. I'll begin this story the night before we are to leave for the beach. I'm finishing packing all my things, particularly the honeymoon, when I go to pack all my documents. As I'm packing these I'm just checking over them, when I suddenly realize that my passport has expired. All hysteria then ensues as does an emotional breakdown by my mother. I really am in just a total shock, almost numbing. Although it is late we immediately call the travel agent who informs us that the best chance at getting a passport would be to travel to a location that actually makes the passport and apply to have one made on the basis of the emergency. She felt fairly confident this could happen, I on the other hand didn't (I'm normally very optimistic).
So much for the backstory, here is where the pictures start.

My dad and I leave Gulf Shores, very early to head to New Orleans. We have a meeting and are going to beg and plead for the passport. At this point I have just pretty much accepted the fact that I'm probably not going on my honeymoon so I'm determined to make the most out of my trip to New Orleans. We start the day off by walking the French Quarter and eating beignets and drinking lattes. This was the first time I had b een to Cafe Du Monde and it was awesome. After having gotten up that early the latte was a godsend. To make a long story short, we finally got the passport. Everything else went off without a hitch and we had an awesome honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

The gallery can be found in it's entirety HERE

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