Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gear Review-Crumpler the six million dollar home

I got this bag for Christmas and now that I've been using it for quite some time I thought I'd give a little review.  As an everyday carry bag I think it works great.  I can easily carry two lenses spare batteries and one flash comfortably within the main compartment.  There is one outer pocket that contains a mesh liner with velcro closure.  This is a great little pocket to put notes or cash in as there is really no way it is coming out.

Overall the construction of the bag is great and it is really a comfortable bag to carry all day.  The bag is very sturdy and feels like it is made to last.  I used this bag exclusively when I traveled to the Dominican Republic and it performed flawlessly.  I would say that my only drawback to the bag is that if you are needing to get into the bag often during a shoot I find it a hassle to have to keep messing with the velcro.  The velcro closure on the front is very strong and not easily undone.  While this is a good thing most of the time, there are those times when it's a hassle.  I think a velcro patch over the bags front velcro would work just fine to eliminate this problem during a shoot.

This is a great bag and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an everyday minimal camera bag.

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